Is it free to sell on Clothy?

Yes, it is totally free when you sell your items on Clothy. If you sell your item at AED 50 and the buyer accepts, you will receive AED 50 in your money kitty. Moreover, you can pay a booster plan if you want your item to appear in the top list and to have a chance to sell faster.

What are Clothy’s fees?

All the items you buy on the platform, are included Clothy’s fees. These fees represent 10% of the price negotiated between sellers and buyers, with a minimum of AED 10. These fees include the full use of our website and application, access to secure payment methods and our protection for every transaction.

Do I need to create an account to use Clothy?

Yes, you do. As a seller, you can click either on “Log in / Sign up” or on “Sell your items” and you create your account in a few steps. As a buyer, you can click either on Log in / Sign up or directly on an item. Then you just need to follow the process.

Can I Change the description and pictures of my products?

Whenever you want, you can access your personal account and make the changes needed.

Can I change the price of my item?

Of course, you can. If you item is still on sale, you are free to change the price of your item in your personal account. If you make a discount, it will appear on the product page for a greater chance to sell it.

Can I remove an item from my sell list?

Yes, you can remove your items whenever you want by connecting to your Clothy account. Click on the photo and you will have the possibility to delete an item or to hide it.

Can I negotiate the price of an item with the seller?

Of course, you can. On the item page, if you want to negotiate the price, you just have to click «make an offer » and you are free to fix the price you are ready to pay. You will then receive a notification when the seller accepts or refuses your offer. In case the seller refuses your offer, he can send you another offer, and you will have the possibility to refuse definitely his offer or to make another offer.

Can I pay in cash on delivery?

The payment has to be done by card only, on our website. Which is a protection for both the seller and the buyer.

How is the money kitty working?

When you make a sale, your money is automatically transferred to your money kitty. You can use your money kitty for purchasing an item. You can credit your money kitty whenever you want, in order to pay your item directly with your money kitty.

How can I withdraw my money from my money kitty?

It is simple. You have to access your money kitty and click « Send me my money » Your money will be transferred to your bank account in a few days.

When do I receive the money from my sale?

Once the buyer has paid for the item, you have 3 days to send it to the buyer. When the buyer confirms the good receipt of the item, Clothy will credit your money kitty.

What if I refuse an item?

Once you receive your order, you have 2 days to confirm or not the good receipt of the item. After 2 days, the confirmation will be automatically done. If you do not want to accept the item, click « report an issue » and follow the process step by step.

How can I send an item to a buyer?

Once the sale is done, we will connect you to our delivery partner application. Fill in the form, schedule the pickup time, a delivery man will be in contact with you and will come directly to your home or your office.

What if I miss the delay in accepting the reception of my order?

Once you have received your item, you have 2 days, from the date of reception for accepting or refusing the item. After these 2 days, the acceptance will be automatically done and the kitty money’s seller will be credited.