Eco-Fashionista Buyer!
Buy beautiful preloved clothes, securely and at the best price.

1. Choose your next fashion item through our app or our website.

2. Pay your item :

Once you have paid, Clothy protects your money. Remember that Your money is safe, it will only be sent to the seller when you accept the item.

3. Receive your item directly at home or at your office. Our delivery professionals will contact you for a perfectly smooth delivery.

4. Confirm your acceptation of the transaction :

- Once you accept the items, the money will be transferred to the seller.

- Once you have received the item, you have 2 days to accept or to refuse your order. During these 2 days, Clothy secures your money.

If, after these 2 days, you have not confirmed or refused the product, the sale will be automatically considered as confirmed, and the seller will be paid.

In case you refuse the order, your money will not be sent to the seller. Just fill in the form and follow the process step by step for return and refund

In case a refund is accepted, we will credit back your money kitty. You can use this money to buy a beautiful preloved item on our website. This does not concern damages to items in transit. The claim will be proceeded through our delivery partner.

If you prefer to transfer your money to your bank account, just let us know by clicking ”send me my money” on your Clothy customer account, and we will take care of the transfer.

The refund will appear on your bank account within 3 open calendar days. It might take a bit longer, depending on your bank.

Eco-fashionista Seller!
Sell your preloved clothes for free!

1. Create your account

2. Get pictures of your preloved item, describe it, fix a price, and put your item online :

- The more detailed is your description, the easier is your sale.

- Take care of the quality of your pictures for the better attractiveness of your item.

- Determine a fair price to sell quickly.

Good to know: Boost your items with Clothy. Choose the right plan for you, and your selected items will appear on the top list for better visibility and more chance to make a sale.

3. When you have sold your item, pack it, and we will take care of the pickup!

- Once the sale is confirmed, remember that you have 3 days to send the item to the buyer. Our delivery professionals will be in contact with you shortly to pick up the item.

- Your product must be packed properly, to avoid any damages in transit.

4. Once the item is delivered, the buyer has 2 days to confirm the acceptance of the item. You will be notified of this confirmation, and your online money kitty will be credited.

You can use your money kitty balance to buy beautiful preloved items on our website. If you prefer to transfer your money to your bank account, just let us know by clicking” send me my money” on your Clothy account, and we will take care of the transfer. We recommend you to transfer money only when you reach a certain amount of balance.

What happens if the buyer refuses the product? We will update you through your Clothy customer account.

If you have sent a damaged item or an item that does not correspond to the pictures, the sale will be canceled, and the item will be sent back to you at your own expense and your money kitty will not be credited for this sale.